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 ATLANTA - April 18 -24  @ The Atlanta Plaza Theater

Friday night - 7:30 PM  After film Q and A with writer/co-director Mark Jones 
Saturday night 7:30 PM.  After film Q and A with writer/co-director Mark Jones 

Sunday night - 7:30 PM   Monday night - 7:30 PM    Tuesday night - 9:30 PM.    Wednesday Night - 7:30 PM Thursday night - 7:30 PM    

                                 "Call it Mayberry LGBT" - John Beifuss THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL

"Sweet, charming film" - Ernest Hardy LA WEEKLY  "Quirky Comedy"  - THE WASHINGTON BLADE        

                     "A heartwarming comedy" - Dawn Baumgartner Vaughn THE HERALD SUN    


After a few years up north in New York, out and proud Jason Potts returns to his Tennessee hometown only to find things have not changed for the LGBT teenagers.  Being gay is still the worst thing to be in Smyth, Tennessee.  Wanting to help the gay teenagers in a small way, Jason hatches a plan to them some hope while he's home for the weekend.  Things quickly spiral out of control and Jason is put in charge of the first ever gay pride parade in the sleepy small southern town.  

Unknown to Jason, a scheming conservative city councilman is working with a holier-than-thou minister to round up the gay teenagers after the parade and send them off to an ex-gay ministry camp to be cured of their sinful ways. 

Will Jason succeed with the parade?  Will he be run out of town before the parade?  Will the gay teenagers be sent away?  Tune in to this hilarious comedy about a topical subject. Jerre Dye as Paul Justin

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